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This feature was added in Update 10.

As a business administrator, you can copy an MSR template version to create an editable HEX version of the workflow template. If you decide to replace the existing HEX version, the current references to the workflow might be lost. If that happens, you must perform the following tasks to begin using the latest version of the workflow template:

  1. Copy the latest version of the MSR workflow template, and rename it.

  2. Update the following:

    • Workflow step and step class listed in the table below.

      For this workflow

      Update this workflow step/step class

      HEX QA Actions Workflow

      The QA Actions workflow is referenced in the QA Review workflow. To reference the new copied workflow, you must update SCLBProjComsAssignInitiatedActionsToWorkflow step class. Update workflow UID (Arg2) on the SPFProcessClassName property value of the step class.

      The delivered SPFProcessClassName in the system looks like - AttachWorkflowToObj,EDG_SCLBDocRevisionInitiatedActions,WD_HEX_SCLBQAActions,,Not all Initiated Actions related to this review have been attached to a workflow.

      For example, in the new copy, if the UID is "WD_HEX_SCLBQAActions_Copy", then WD_HEX_SCLBQAActions should be replaced with WD_HEX_SCLBQAActions_Copy.

      HEX Outgoing Actions Workflow

      If you make a new copy of the HEX QA Actions Workflow, you must change the success step for the Compliance Review step in the Outgoing Actions workflow. The success step should be the ActionIssueStateToIssued step of the new copy.

    • Argument 8 (Workflow processing option) with the name of the new copied workflow for the methods listed in the table below, if you rename the copied workflow different from the terminated workflow name.

      For this workflow

      Update these methods

      HEX Internal Technical Query Workflow




      HEX Outgoing Technical Query Workflow




      HEX Incoming Technical Query Workflow




      HEX Internal Actions Workflow




      HEX SCLBTransmittalLifeCycle




  3. After completing the above workflow-specific changes, to use the distribution list functionality, you must configure the From CC user and To CC user display items in the forms of the following project communication objects.

    • Outgoing transmittal

    • Outgoing, incoming, and internal technical queries

    • Internal and outgoing actions

To configure the display items, a template document, DistributionList From CC And To CC Users Template, is delivered and accessible through the Desktop Client. For information on how to access the template document and load the file into the system, see Enable new features and functionality using template files.

The From CC users get an issue notification step, and the To CC users get a receipt notification step. However, for offline transmittals, the users get email notifications.

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