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Update 27 makes the incoming and internal transmittal processes more efficient and easier to use. The transmittal can be saved as a draft, which allows later addition of more documents.

To upgrade the internal and incoming transmittal workflow templates so that these changes are available in your system:

  1. Copy the latest version of the MSR template and rename it.

  2. Update Argument 8 (Workflow processing option) with the name of the new copied workflow for the methods listed below:

    • SDACreateIncomingTransmittal

    • SDACreateInternalTransmittal

    • SDACreateInternalTransmittalFromMultipleDocuments

    • SDACreateIncomingTransmittalFromMultipleDocuments

  3. Load the following template document delivered and accessible through the Desktop Client. For information on how to access the template document and load the file into the system, see Enable new features and functionality using template files.

    Template name


    Transmittal Internal And Incoming Wizard Form Template

    Configures the Save As Draft button in the create form of the transmittal. The changes include:

    Argument 12 (Additional property to set) has been added for SDACreateInternalTransmittal, SDACreateIncomingTransmittalSDACreateInternalTransmittalFromMultipleDocuments, and SDACreateIncomingTransmittalFromMultipleDocuments methods.

  4. Click Administration > API Services > Regenerate Metadata to refresh the metadata.

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