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This feature was added with Update 25.

To use the latest version of the HEX incoming transmittal workflow and HEX internal transmittal workflow templates, a template document, Transmittal Internal and Incoming HEX Template, is delivered and accessible through the Desktop Client. For information on how to access the template document and load the file into the system, see Enable new features and functionality using template files.

The following change is included in the template document:

Argument 8 is updated for the following methods with the name of the latest version of the HEX workflow:

  • SDACreateInternalTransmittalFromMultipleDocuments

  • SDACreateIncomingTransmittal

  • SDACreateInternalTransmittal

If you have any customizations that have been developed for your system, the customized version of the workflow template will be replaced by the HEX version.

SHARED Tip If you no longer use the non-HEX workflow, it is recommended to terminate that workflow to avoid confusion.

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