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This feature was added with Update 26.

To manage the configuration details where a user can relate the document and tag classifications to the configuration object that is being created or updated, a template document, Classifications Filtering in Config, is delivered and available through the Desktop Client. For information on how to access the template document and load the file into the system, see Enable new features and functionality using template files.

The following changes are included in the template document:

  • Access groups to manage the methods of the project and the plant.

  • Terminate instructions to remove the section to manage issue purposes and disciplines, and these are moved to the Manage Project Details page.

  • Argument 12 on the SPFPlantCreate and SPFProjectCreate methods updated to ~Manage config details~MTH_SCLBManagePlantdetails~True.

  • Argument 16 on the FDWCreateDocument method updated to IObject~UID~=~ENV.DOCCLASSIFICATIONSINCREATECONFIG_OR_ALL.

To ensure the changes are included, perform an IIS reset or recycle your application pools, and regenerate metadata.

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