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Update 23 introduces the ability wherein the submittal process pushes a review step to the document controller for reviewing the metadata information of documents prior to attaching the documents to the QA Review workflow for review process. To get this change, if you decide to replace the existing HEX version on the current references, you must perform the following tasks:

  1. Copy the latest version of the MSR Incoming Submittal Workflow template, and rename it.

  2. Update Argument 8 (Workflow processing option) with the name of the new copied workflow for the following methods:

    • SCLBCreateIncomingSubmittal_MDR

    • SCLBCreateIncomingSubmittal_MDRMTR

    • SCLBCreateIncomingSubmittal_MTR

    • SCLBCreateIncomingSubmittal_TDR

  3. Load the template document, Project Grouped Review Flag Template, delivered and accessible through the Desktop Client to configure the Grouped Reviews? display item in the Project form. For information on how to access the template document and load the file into the system, see Enable new features and functionality using template files.

  4. Click Administration > API Services > Regenerate Metadata to refresh the metadata.

  5. In the Web Client, check the Grouped Reviews? option on the project.

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