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In Update 38, the security rule for querying the document revision (FDWDocRevisionByOrgAndSecurityCode) was simplified to improve the query performance. If you have modified the security rule to meet your requirements, the performance improvement will not be visible. You need to update the security rule as highlighted in the table below. Please contact Smart Community if you need assistance.

The following table highlights the changes made in the security rule.

Old rule

New rule

Obj-> SPFDocumentRevisions_21.SecurityCodeName = Env.SecurityCodesForUserInQueryConfig AND (((Obj.OriginatingOrgName <> Env. UserOrganizationName OR (Any(Obj->SPFDocumentRevisions_21->EDG_LatestRevision.OriginatingOrgName) <> Env.UserOrganizationName)) AND ((Any (Obj->SPFDocumentRevisions_21->SCLBDocCollaboratingOrgs_12.Name) = Env.UserOrganizationName) AND Obj.SPFRevState='e1CURRENT')) OR ( Obj.OriginatingOrgName = Env.UserOrganizationName AND ((Obj.SPFRevState='e1CURRENT' AND Obj.SPFRevUnderChangeInSameConfig=False) OR Obj.SPFRevState IN ('e1WORKING','e1RESERVED','e1CANCELLED','e1SUPERSEDED','e1SUBMITTED','e1RJSUBMITTED','e1RJSUPERSEDED'))))

Obj-> SPFDocumentRevisions_21.SecurityCodeName = Env.SecurityCodesForUserInQueryConfig AND (Env. USERORGANIZATIONNAMEWITHDELIMITER LIKE (Obj SPFCollaboratingOrganizations) OR Obj.OriginatingOrgName = Env.UserOrganizationName)

The SPFCollaboratingOrganizations property is populated only when a document is signed off.

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