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Installation & Upgrade
SmartPlant Foundation / SDx Version

Update 12 introduces the MSR and HEX versions of the incoming submittal workflow template.

  1. For each of the following methods, update argument 8 (Workflow processing option) with the name of the latest version of the HEX workflow template:

    • SCLBCreateIncomingSubmittal_MDR

    • SCLBCreateIncomingSubmittal_MDRMTR

    • SCLBCreateIncomingSubmittal_MTR

    • SCLBCreateIncomingSubmittal_TDR

    • SCLBCreateInternalSubmittal

    • SCLBDTCCreateIncomingSubmittal_MDR

    • SCLBDTCCreateIncomingSubmittal_MDRMTR

    • SCLBDTCCreateIncomingSubmittal_MTR

    • SCLBDTCCreateIncomingSubmittal_TDR

    • SCLBDTCCreateInternalSubmittal

  2. The QA Review Verification workflow is referenced in the Incoming Submittal workflow. You must reference the latest version of the HEX workflow template by updating argument 2 (Workflow UID) on the SPFProcessClassName property value in the RunSDVAttachWorkflowStep step class.

    For example, if the SPFProcessClassName property value is AttachWorkflowToObj,EDG_SubmittalToRevision,WD_SCLBQAReviewVerification_v7.2,SPFWorkflowItemsProcessedPercent and the UID of the HEX version of the QA Review Verification workflow is WD_HEX_SCLBQAReviewVerification, you must replace the property value entry, WD_SCLBQAReviewVerification_v7.2 with the UID value, WD_HEX_SCLBQAReviewVerification.

  3. Click Administration > API Services > Regenerate Metadata to refresh the metadata.

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