Basic Upgrade Sequence - HxGN SDx - Update 31 - Installation & Upgrade

HxGN SDx Upgrade

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Installation & Upgrade
SmartPlant Foundation / SDx Version

This sequence is presented as a brief overview of the upgrade process. Each of these steps is explained in detail within the sections that follow.

  1. Prepare for the upgrade

    1. Stop schedulers.

    2. Perform file and data backups as required.

    3. Export all site and server configurations in Server Manager.

  2. Install new software

    1. Install the new version of HxGN SDx.

    2. Run the new version of Server Manager on the server.

  3. Update components and software

    1. Import the exported site configurations.

    2. Update all sites in Server Manager.

    3. Run the Upgrade Wizard to upgrade SDx data on the database server.

    4. Enable new features in the Update, as needed.

  • If you have any customized menus or toolbar settings on the HxGN SDx server, Server Manager now preserves those settings in the CustomMenus folder during the upgrade of HxGN SDx. The customized module files are not deleted, but should still be backed up before updating the site as part of a backup process.

  • All server connection settings and scopes information is now retained between regular update installation. Server connections are located in a file at: C:\ProgramData\SmartPlant\ServerConnections.xml.