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Using SDxServerManager.exe with the command ConfigureSDxIntegrationClient and the necessary arguments creates new integration clients. You must provide information about the new clients using the arguments described here:

/sn: - name of the new site (required).

/authorizationcodeclientsecret: - the client secret for the client with the authorization code with the proof key flow (required).

/clientcredentialsclientsecret: - the client secret for the client with the client credentials flow (required).

/impersonatinguserpassword: the password of the user the new client is impersonating (required).

The following arguments are OAuth setting details to be provided:

/sambaseurl: - identifies the OAth user URL (required).

/samusername: - identifies the administrative log on user name for SAM (required).

/sampassword: - identifies the password for the administrative log on for SAM (required).

/nolog: - True or False to indicate whether to suppress the creation and update of a long file (optional).