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  1. Select the change action in your To Do List, and then select Actions > Merge.

  2. Check for conflicts and resolve.

  3. Select Merge to merge the change action and all related objects to the plant configuration.

    • When a change action is not associated with any tag, the workflow fails to proceed further.

    • Merge also fails when any of the related multiple change actions are in the Active state or have not synchronized. A validation report is generated notifying the list of objects causing the merge to fail.

    • You can merge multiple change actions only when all the related change actions to the objects attached from the merge initiated change action are also in Design Complete state.

    • When merge is initiated from a Design Complete state of change action in a project, the objects created in the same project are also subjected to the merge. The change actions of any tags related to the merge-initiated change action tags are also considered for merge. The merge fails if any of the related change actions are in Active state.

For example, let's consider a case of merge initiated on a change action CA01 with related tag T1 claimed to project P1, while the tags T2 and T3 with change action CA02 in project P1 are also related to tag T1. In this given scenario, the change action CA02 is also selected for merge and the merge is successfully processed only when CA01 and CA02 are in design complete state.