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Managing Smart 3D Project/As-Built with HxGN SDx

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SDx supports concurrent engineering, the management of project data separate from plant data. Some authoring tools already support the ability to modify objects and drawings within a project and merge the changes up the as-built (plant) level. Others do not support that capability themselves. Smart 3D, for example, stores information about tags and other objects that exist in the model, which represents the project. It has no concept of an as-built plant.

Integration with SDx, however, allows those applications to use the SDx concurrent engineering functionality to work on data in a project before promoting it to the plant level.

Data exchange from SDx and Smart 3D is allowed only for projects in the active state.

  • Documents that are shared into a project cannot be merged to the plant with concurrent engineering as they are excluded by default. This is intentional and by design, such as when a 3D Model has been shared directly to a project.

  • If data is shared to a project with a change action associated with it, the shared tags are related to the following:

    • the change action

    • the work area definitions related to external organizations with subscriptions to the change action

    • the work area definitions that have criteria set and are related to internal organizations related to the change action

This relationship allows users from external organizations to view the data being modified through the change action.