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  1. In the Change Management feature set, select Change Actions.

    SHARED Tip You can also select a report in the Visual Intelligence panel of a model opened in View and Markup. The Items Under Change report displays all graphical objects grouped by change action, and the Items Under Change by Status report displays graphical objects related to a change request grouped by the change action status. You can toggle groups on or off.

  2. Select a change action object in the Results table, and click Actions > View in Model. The related objects display in color.

What is Visual Intelligence?

Visual Intelligence offers a very flexible and visual way to analyze large amounts of data in a single model view.

These options help you navigate data, such as graphical objects related to a Change Action.

Click this

To do this



Searches for tags in a model or a hotspotted drawing and groups the search results by color.


Toggle display of listed results

Turns the color of selected items on or off.


Change color

Changes the color of the item in the displayed file.


Show chart

Shows a pie chart divided into sectors representing selected items.



Sorts groups by frequency or by name in ascending or descending order.

By default, groups sort by descending frequency.


Fit selected items

Fits the display to the selected items.


Show repeated results

Shows groups of tags belonging to more than one change request or work package. This option is only available when repeated results exist.

This is only supported for published Hexagon models that are transferred to the Facilities Data Warehouse using Data Validator.

VisualReportingOverflowMenu and ...

Hide/Show non-matching items

Hides non-selected items from the view or shows non-selected items with low opaqueness in a model.

Reset to default

Resets the displayed file, refreshes the list of reports, and deletes search results.

Generate Share URL

Copies the shareable URL to your clipboard. If the user has the necessary permissions, the URL navigates straight to the visual intelligence report or search results.