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SmartPlant Foundation / SDx Version
  1. Click Smart Clients > New Smart Client.

  2. In the Register a Smart Client dialog box, provide a value in the Name box, and click Next.

    Type the name of your SDA client site in the Name box.

  3. Provide a value in the Client ID box, and click Next.

    If you do not provide a value for Client ID, Smart API Manager generates a unique ID automatically.

  4. Select Implicit from the Authorization Flow list, click Next and Finish.

    If you did not provide a value for Client ID, you can view the automatically generated Client ID in the Details page. Record the Client ID value, as you will use it in the AUTHORIZATION_CLIENT_ID setting in the web client settings.json file.

  5. In the Post Login Redirect URI, type https://<machinename>.<domain>/SDAClient/ and https://<machinename>.<domain>/SDAClient/_session.html.

  6. In the Post Logout Redirect URI, type https://<machinename>.<domain>/SDAClient/.