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Managing Smart 3D Project/As-Built with HxGN SDx

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SHARED Tip You cannot edit the values selected for the associated tool signature or the Work Breakdown Structure. If you need a filter with different selections for those options, you must create a new filter.

  1. Click Integration > 3D Work Area Definitions.

  2. In the list, find the filter you want to update, select it, and click Actions > Update.

  3. Edit the options on the form to filter what information will be passed along to the authoring tool. For more information, see Create an internal or external Smart 3D work area definition or Create a 3D view filter work area definition.

  • On the 3D Work Area Definitions list, a work area definition marked True in the Work Area Definition Used column does not have Actions > Update available.

  • Once you have updated a work area definition, a scheduler task is created. Run asynchronously, this task finds every common schema object in the work area definition and stamps it with the UID of that work area definition.

  • If an object belongs to multiple work area definitions, the value stamped on the object is a list of the UIDs of all the applicable work area definitions, delimited by a tilde (~).

  • A notification in your inbox keeps you apprised of the status of the scheduler task and indicates whether the task was completed successfully.

    What properties are included in this notification?

    The following properties are included and tracked in the notification for this scheduler task.

    • SDXWorkAreaRelateItemsProgressStatus - The progress status of the relationships of items to the work area.

    • SDXWorkAreaRelatedItemsInProjectCount - The number of items in the project related to the definition.

    • SDXWorkAreaTotalItemsInProjectCount - The total number of items to relate in the project.

    • SDXWorkAreaRelatedItemsInAsBuiltCount - The number of items related in the as-built configuration.

    • SDXWorkAreaTotalItemsInAsBuiltCount - The total number of items to relate in the as-built configuration.

    • SDXWorkAreaRelateItemsFailureMessage - The message that appears when relating items to the work area definition fails.