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Managing Smart 3D Project/As-Built with HxGN SDx

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SmartPlant Foundation / SDx Version
  1. Click Smart APIs > New Smart API.

    SHARED Tip You can register V3 API to SAM.

  2. In the Register a Smart API dialog box, select Specify the URL for the Smart API service description. Click Next.

  3. Type the URL, and click Next.

    Smart API Manager validates the service description and generates a secret for the Smart API.

    SHARED Tip If you want to change the generated secret, click the value, and type a new one. The new client secret must have at least 8 characters. You can also change it later using the Details page for the Smart API.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Click Finish.

    You must authorize a group to use the Smart API. For more information, see Give a group access to a Smart API.

    Note the Resource Identifier generated. You will need to use it while generating the SmartPlant Foundation server web.config file.

    SHARED Tip For users to access the Smart API using a Smart Client, they must belong to a group authorized to access the Smart API.