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You can create an interface definition from a class definition that has SDxSource = 'SIOCore'.

  1. Select a class definition, and click Actions > Create Interface Definition.

  2. In Main Details, enter the details, such as the name, description, and display name.

    Do not start the name of the new interface with the "ISPF" prefix. That prefix is reserved for use by Hexagon.

  3. In the Interface definition services support, add the Exposed name and Exposed set name.

  4. In Project change control, select the merge and claim behaviors.

  5. In Related Items section, select all the interface definitions that are implied by the new interface, and click FINISH.

  • The new interface definition should be implied by the primary interfaces of all class definitions that realize it.

  • Every interface definition must imply at least one interface and inherits all properties exposed by each interface that it implies.

  • New interface definitions are related to the relevant data flows for the tools when selected for a change request.