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A host is any computer that stores files. Host identification includes both computers that store files for a long term and computers used for short term processing, such as PDF generation.

To store and manipulate physical files, such as documents and drawings in SDx, users, organizations, and vaults must be created and then related to a host object. To uniquely identify each directory location on each host where the files are stored, a vault object must be created. The file storage vault is determined by conditions on the relationship between interfaces on the object and the vault.

  1. In the Web Client, click System Administration > Create Host.

  2. On the New Host page, type the host name in the Name box and a description in the Description box. If the new host is secure, select the Is host secure check box.

    If the file server is remote (not hosted on the application server), enter the remote server's name as the host name.

    You must use a fully qualified domain name when creating a new host, for example,

  3. Click Finish to create the new host.