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Installation & Upgrade

A primary sites provides the connection between the product software you have installed on the server and the data in your database. It also provides a central point of communication for any other sites you install in your implementation.

If you are going to use Data Validator for loading data into your system, before you create your primary site, for optimum performance, we recommend you create a dedicated tablespace or filegroup for Data Validator staging/landing tables and indexes. For more information on how to create a tablespace/filegroup, see Create tablespaces for Data Validator staging/landing tables and indexes and Create filegroups for Data Validator staging/landing tables and indexes.

  1. In Server Manager, right-click the SDx Sites node and click New.

  2. In the New Site Wizard select Primary Site as the type of site to create.

  3. Complete the wizard to create the site.

    • If you create your primary site before you create your license site, you will be prompted for license site information, but you can skip this step and provide that information later. For more information, see Link the license server to a primary site.

    • If using the SQL Server backup file, make sure the file is unzipped and located in a shared folder.

    • If you do not allow the wizard to create user accounts for site application pools on the application server, you must complete the configuration manually. See Set up IIS Application Pools and User Accounts Manually.

    • When creating a new site that does not using an existing database instance, the wizard will automatically create the database user and database for that site. There is no need to create them manually beforehand.

  4. If your site needs to be CFIHOS compatible, follow the procedure outlined in Enable CFIHOS compatibility for a site.

    This command performs a sequence of operations on the database to convert the site into a CFIHOS-compatible state. Once this command has been executed, the conversion cannot be reversed.

For detailed information about creating new sites, an explanation of all the options available, and additional requirements, see Set up a new HxGN SDx site.