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Installation and Setup for HxGN SDx Application Server

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Installation & Upgrade
SmartPlant Foundation / SDx Version

For details on the database software versions and editions that are required on the application server, see the software recommendations subsection for the HxGN SDx Application Server platform recommendations.


For Oracle database access, install the following:

  • Oracle client software

    After installing the Oracle client on the application server, the server should be rebooted.

  • Oracle Net Server database software, to configure a local net service name pointing to the database server.

    SHARED Tip For more information about installing Net Server, see the Oracle documentation.

SQL Server

To provide access to the SQL Server database when it is installed on a separate database server, install the following Microsoft SQL Server Shared Features on the application server:

  • Client Tools Connectivity

  • Client Tools Backwards Compatibility

  • Client Tools SDK

  • SQL Client Connectivity SDK

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is no longer distributed with the database engine setup program. SSMS is delivered as a separate product by Microsoft.

SHARED Tip Instead of installing the SQL Server Shared Features, you can install two packages from the SQL Server Feature Pack, downloadable from Microsoft. Select the 64-bit versions of each.

  • Microsoft ODBC Driver for Microsoft SQL Server - Windows (msodbcsql.msi)

  • Microsoft SQL Server Command Line Utilities (MsSqlCmdLnUtils.msi)