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Installation and Setup for HxGN SDx Application Server

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Installation & Upgrade
SmartPlant Foundation / SDx Version

For all new installations, we recommend using the most recent Update created for the current version of the software. By default, HxGN SDx is installed in the following location: C:\Program Files (x86)\SDX.

You can install the software in silent mode, which requires no user interaction as the software installs. For more information, see Install HxGN SDx in silent mode.

  1. Double-click SDx_setup.exe.

  2. In the Welcome window, click Start Setup.

  3. In the Details and Features window, enter your Serial Number, User Name, and Company.

  4. In the Select Features To Install section, select the components you want to install and clear any check boxes for any software that you do not want to install.

    • All Features - Installs all the items described below.

    • Server Components:

      • Server - Installs the core server component.

      • File Service - Installs a service that handles direct file transfer between vaults and the client software.

      • FTR Service - Installs the Full-Text Retrieval module, which allows you to store, index, and search for text contained in or associated with objects managed by the software. (For information about installing and setting up an FTR Server, refer to the Full Text Retrieval (FTR) Installation Guide.)

      • License Service - Installs the component that controls licensing for the product. While this component does not have to be installed on the application server, there must be at least one License Manager server on the network.

      • Remote Services - Installs a set of web services that perform tasks such as printing and titleblocking.

      • Web Client Services - Installs the services that power the Web Client, which provides a browser-based interface to access data.

    • SDX Requisite Files - Updates the registry on the server to establish the configuration. Mandatory for all server installations.

    • Desktop Client - Installs the Desktop Client, which provides the client functionality on the user's local computer.

    • Database Components:

      • Starter Database - Installs copies of the SDx database for both Oracle and SQL Server.

      • 3D PAB Starter Database - Installs a copy of the 3D PAB database for SQL Server.

        Access to components is restricted by the serial number you enter above.

  5. In the Install Path section, enter the path to where the software is to be installed, and click Install.

    SHARED Tip Required information is marked by a red star. The Install button is not available until all this information is provided.

  6. In the License Agreement window, from the Country or Region list, select your country or region.

  7. Carefully read the license agreement. When you are finished, select I agree to the license agreement and conditions, and click Next.

  8. Click Finish when the installation is complete.

  • If you attempt to remove the product software while the Desktop Client, SDx Server Manager, or Windows Server Manager applications are open, the uninstallation wizard will prompt you that these applications must be closed to avoid the need for a system restart.

  • When uninstalling one or more components from SmartPlant Foundation or HxGN SDx, if any hot fixes have been applied all hot fixes must be removed before you can uninstall the component. After the component is uninstalled, all hot fixes should be reapplied.