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You must create a Web Client site to implement the browser-based Web Client application. A Web Client site provides a connection between the Web Client user and the primary site.

  1. Right-click the Web Client Sites node, and click New.

    The Create New Web Client Site wizard steps you through the process to configure the site.

  2. In the Web Client Details window, enter the site name, which will become part of the URL for accessing the site.

  3. In the Server Details window:

    • Type the fully-qualified URL for the primary site to which your Web Client will be connecting.

    • Choose the OAuth authorization provider for the Web Client site.

  4. In the next window:

    • For Smart API Manager, in the Authorization Server Credentials window, enter the fully-qualified URL for your existing Smart API Manager installation. For example, and the security credentials required to administer Smart API Manager.

    • For an external authentication provider, in the External OAuth authorization provider details window, enter the Issuer URL, Client ID, redirect URIs, and additional information as required by your provider. For detailed information about creating new Web Client sites, an explanation of all the options available, and additional requirements, see Set up a new Web Client site.

  5. You can use any supported browser or device to test user access to the Web Client.

    You can log on as any user to test the site. However, the user must have a password that is not blank.

You must use a fully qualified domain name when creating a Web Client site. For example, http://[]/SDxServer.

  • You can have more than one Web Client site with each site accessing a different server.

  • For more information on creating sites using Server Manager, see Create a new site.