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Installation and Setup for HxGN SDx Application Server

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Installation & Upgrade
SmartPlant Foundation / SDx Version

After the primary site is set up on the application server, you can choose to set up optional features or scale out components to separate servers.

Click one of the names below to view information about setting up that client or server.

Prepare the application server for HxGN SDx Web Client server setup for HxGN SDx License server setup for HxGN SDx Remote file server setup for HxGN SDx Alternate secondary server setup for HxGN SDx Set Up a Desktop Client Workstation HxGN SDx Web Client platform recommendations Welcome to Intergraph Smart API Manager Installation and Configuration Prepare the database for HxGN SDx

If you have chosen set up dedicated servers for required components:

If you want to set up additional optional servers:

To set up a Desktop Client workstation, see Set Up a Desktop Client Workstation.