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Installation and Setup for HxGN SDx Application Server

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Start here to install and set up HxGN SDx®.

The application server hosts the core server components of the software and provides a central connection to the database. You can either:

  • Install and set up all the components of the software onto a single application server.

  • Scale out some components onto optional separate servers to improve performance.

The procedures in this book detail how to install and setup the software on a single application server (with the database hosted on its own separate server).

The diagram below illustrates the logical relationship between the application server and its database server (at the center of the diagram within the gray box) and the other optional servers you can set up on the network, as well as its clients. The items in gray represent the minimum required setup. The instructions for this setup are found in this book.

Click on a server or client name to view information about how to set up that server or client.

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For detailed hardware and software recommendations and prerequisites for the optional component servers, see HxGN SDx Hardware and Software Recommendations.

For instructions on upgrading from a previous version of SDx, see Upgrading HxGN SDx.

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