Force the use of the Desktop Client authentication prompt with IWA - HxGN SDx - Update 44 - Installation & Upgrade

Installation and Setup for HxGN SDx Application Server

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When IWA is enabled for user logon and you are logged on to the local computer as a Windows authenticated user, when you start the Desktop Client, the Logon Information dialog box appears by default with the User name and Password boxes grayed out. To log on to the Desktop Client, you can select the server and click OK.

If you still want all users to log on by entering their credentials, you can configure the system to use the SDx Authentication logon dialog box, which prompts you for the Windows account user name, password, and domain. The following procedure allows you to configure the Desktop Client to prompt you for the Windows user name.

  1. Edit the ServerConnections.xml file located in the installation directory. For example, C:\ProgramData\SmartPlant\ServerConnections.xml

  2. Find the servers section. You should see one or more lines like the following:

    <add name="SDxServer" SDxserver="ServerName" spfwebdir="SDxServer" secure="false" trusted="true" />.

  3. Change the trusted parameter value to "false" to indicate that authentication is required.

    The secure parameter indicates if HTTPS is being used. For more information about setting up the server for HTTPS, see Set up HTTPS.

  4. Save and close the configuration file.

  5. Start the Desktop Client.

  6. Type the User name, Password, and Domain for the Windows authenticated user, and click OK to log on to the Desktop Client.

If the DisableAutoLogin property of a primary site is enabled, the Authentication dialog box will always be displayed when attempting to log on to that site, even if Windows Authentication is enabled. This setting does not affect the Web Client.