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A license manager site is required so the product software can access your license server data in the database.

For improved performance on the application server, it is recommended that the license management component be set up on a physically separate license server. For detailed procedures, see License server setup for HxGN SDx. For details on hardware and software requirements, HxGN SDx License Server platform recommendations.

To set up the license management site on the application server, perform the following procedure.

  1. Install the license management client software.

  2. In Server Manager, right-click the SDx License Manager node and click New.

  3. Complete the wizard to create the site.

    When creating a new site that does not using an existing database instance, the wizard will automatically create the database user and database for that site. There is no need to create them manually beforehand.

    SHARED Tip If you create your license site before you create your primary site, you will be prompted for primary site information, but you can skip this step and provide that information during the primary site creation. You can also link the two sites after both sites have been created; for more information, see Link the license server to a primary site.