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Installation and Setup for HxGN SDx Application Server

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After creating the primary site, you should test access to the site using the Desktop Client. Also, you will need a working instance of the Desktop Client to perform some additional server setup tasks.

If you installed the Desktop Client component on the server, you can log on at the server. If you cannot install the Desktop Client locally, you will need to set up a workstation for testing access. For more information, see Setting Up Client Workstations.

  1. Run the Desktop Client or Dashboard application.

  2. In the Log In window, enter the credentials for an account with the Super User role.

    If you do not know the credentials for this user, contact your project team or Hexagon for assistance.

  3. Click New to enter your server details.

    SHARED Tip If you already entered the correct Web Host and Site Name during the installation process, these values are saved to the site's configuration file for the Desktop Client, and you can skip this step to log in with the default server selected. However, if these values were skipped or are not precisely correct, you will need to create a new server now.

    1. Name - Enter a nickname for this server connection that will be displayed in the list.

    2. Web Host - Enter the computer name of the server that hosts the site. It is recommended to use the server name rather than localhost.

    3. Web Directory - Enter the name of the virtual directory for the primary site, which is by default the site name appended with "Server" (for example, SitenameServer).

  4. Click Validate to test the connection.

    For more information on adding or changing server connections, see Edit your server configuration.

  5. Click OK to save the server connection and then continue to log on.

If the Desktop Client loads successfully, you have succeeded in setting up the basic functionality of the application server. If you are having problems, search for relevant troubleshooting entries or contact your project team or Hexagon.