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If you are using Data Capture, for each site configured with Data Capture you must set the underlying application pool's Idle Time-out (minutes) property.

  1. On the application server, log in as a user with administrative rights, and open the Control Panel.

  2. Click Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services.

  3. Expand the web server node in the tree view.

  4. Select Applications Pools.

  5. Right-click application pool that has the same name as your Data Capture site, and select Set Application Pool Defaults.

  6. In the Application Pool Defaults dialog box, set the value for the Idle Time-out (minutes) property to 0 for large worker processes.

    For small worker processes, the recommended value for the Idle Time-out (minutes) property is 20.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Right-click the application pool, and select Recycle.