Create the database instance - HxGN SDx - Update 67 - Installation & Upgrade

Installation and Setup for HxGN SDx Application Server

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Installation & Upgrade

Before installing the HxGN SDx software on the application server, create a database instance on the database server that will be used to contain the HxGN SDx application data.

Refer to your database software documentation for information on creating instances and databases.


A single Oracle database instance must be created, which will contain one or more tablespaces for HxGN SDx data. No tablespaces need to be created at this time. They can be created after the application software is installed.

SQL Server

Once the database server instance is running, no additional databases need to be created. The databases can be created after the application software is installed.

We recommend that the name of the Oracle or SQL Server instance match the name of the HxGN SDx database.

  • To maintain data integrity and international compatibility, Oracle encodings should be set to the following:

    1. Database Character Set option - Use Unicode (AL32UTF8)

      See your Oracle documentation for information about changing the encodings on your existing projects to match the AL32UTF8 setting.

    2. National Character Set option - AL16UTF16 (the default)

      The Default Language (American) and Default Date Format (America) options will, of course, reflect locale-specific information.

  • The Oracle client installation does not involve any checking or modifying the Oracle client character set. After the installation, you must not change any of the default values of the NLS_LANG parameter on the client.

  • For more information about support and known issues for internationalization and localization, see Internationalization.