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The NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS environment setting is used to specify how numeric data is stored in the Oracle database. Because HxGN SDx Server processes the numeric data as invariant, NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS should be used with the Oracle client software on the application server to indicate "." as the decimal separator and "," as the group separator, as shown below:


This setting allows all clients to localize the data for their regional and language settings while ensuring that the underlying numeric data gets into the database in the format required by the database's invariant culture setting.

Not using this setting in an implementation where numeric formats vary can lead to the Oracle error "ORA-01722: Invalid Number" when trying to create or update an object that contains a float value with a decimal point. For example, the value 1,234,567.89 on an English (UK) system would be formatted as 1.234.567,89 on a German system. To avoid this error, the Oracle client session on the HxGN SDx application server should use the NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS = “.,” setting.

  1. Log on to Windows Server as an administrator.

  2. Open Control Panel > System > Advanced system settings.

  3. Click Environment Variables.

  4. Create a new system variable:


    Variable value: .,

  5. Click OK to dismiss all windows.

  6. Recycle all application pools for HxGN SDx, or restart IIS on the server.

SHARED Tip This setting can also be added in the Windows registry by creating a new key, NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS, at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/ORACLE/KEY_OraHome and setting the value to ".," as shown above.

We recommend that only experienced administrators edit registry settings.