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When a user places the cursor inside the Search field in the Map View screen and clicks the Advanced Search icon located at the right of the Search field; the application will open the Advanced Search screen. The Advanced Search screen allows for searching both by Address and by Equipment as with a Quick Search; but can also be used to search within a radius around the user’s location. This functionality is performed via the Search Around switch in the Advanced Search screen; which defaults to be enabled when the screen is opened.

If the user performs an Advanced Search with the Search Around switch turned off, the application will complete the Search in the same way as a Quick Search.

If the user leaves the Search Around switch as enabled, this will allow the user to apply a radius within which to perform the search around the user’s location, or around an address or selected equipment. The user can modify the size of the radius by dragging the slider bar left/right; within the values specified for Radius Settings through the Settings icon. When the user presses the Search button, the application will then display the radius around the icon for the user’s location (blue dot) in the Map View.

If the user chooses to Search Around an Address, the application will show an address icon (red pin) at a selected address and will display the specified search radius in the Map View.

If the user chooses to Search Around selected Equipment, the application will highlight the entered equipment, indicate the radius around the equipment, and highlight any other equipment within the radius.

An Advanced Search may alternatively be performed by pressing the Search Around button in the EAM Equipment Attributes panel, displayed when a user has selected an integrated feature from the Map View. In this case, the Advanced Search screen opens; with the Enter Equipment field already populated with the selected Equipment information. The user is then able to complete the Advanced Search as described above, by adjusting the search radius and pressing the Search button.