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Work Order icon(s) will be displayed above each feature for which there is at least one open work order assigned to the EAM user; with the work order icon labelled with the EAM equipment code for the feature.

If multiple work orders exist for the same point location/feature; then the work order icon will show the total count of work orders at that location assigned to the EAM user. For work order for linear features, the work order icon will be displayed at the ‘From’ point along the linear feature and the count will display the total number of work orders that share the same ‘From’ point along the linear feature.

If a Dispatching Sequence was assigned to any of the Work Order activities represented by a WO icon, the system will display the lowest Dispatch Sequence value from all the work order activities at that location. The Dispatch Sequence will be displayed as part of the WO icon.

  • Only work order activities where the Completed checkbox is unselected AND Assignment Status <> ANY value in the ACTDISCP organization option for the WO Org., should be considered when determining the Dispatch Sequence to display. If there are no activities meeting these criteria for the WO icon location, then the system will NOT display any Dispatch Sequence.

  • The Dispatch Sequence value displayed for the WO icon should be refreshed each time the map is refreshed or loaded. For example, if a WO icon has 2 un-completed activities whose sequences are 2 & 4, the system will display a "2" for Dispatch Sequence. If the user hyperlinks to the Work Order screen and completes the sequence 2 activity, then returns to the Map View, the system will update the WO pin Sequence to "4". Obviously, changing Assignment Status may cause the Sequence to change as well.

  • See Viewing the work order list for more details on Dispatching Sequence.

If the user if logging into the application for the first time on the mobile device and the device’s Location Services are enabled on the device; the user will be promoted to "Allow "EAM Transit" to access your location while you use the app?". The user can then choose to allow (or disallow) Location Services and the application will display the Find My Location icon to indicate that the user’s location is available for display on the map.