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Whether viewing map record(s) in either connected or disconnected mode, the EAM Mobile for Transit will need to provide ArcGIS (Portal) credentials prior to display of the Map Configurations screen. After the user enters valid Portal credentials and saves, the system will display the map configuration record(s).

It is possible that each of the user’s maps may be secured differently, requiring different credentials for access; and/or a map may have a feature service and basemap service that are secured separately. As such, EAM Mobile for Transit application includes the capability to handle multiple set of credentials; prompting for feature server and basemap credentials whenever the user attempts to view secured services.

When ArcGIS (Portal) credentials are entered into the credential prompt for feature or map service(s), the credentials are encrypted and stored on the device to reduce the number of prompt(s) encountered by the user. If these credentials are no longer valid, then the credentials prompt will again be displayed.

  • Anytime the application needs to provide credentials to the GIS server AND a valid token does NOT exist on the user’s device, the system will attempt to contact the EAM server to retrieve and use the ESRI credentials on the EAM user (i.e. ArcGIS Server Username and ESRI ArcGIS Server Password) to gain access to the service. A network connection is necessary to retrieve this information from the EAM server. If GIS credentials are NOT associated to the EAM user, they are invalid, or no network connection exists, then the system will prompt the mobile user to enter credentials.

  • SAML authentication is supported in Mobile Transit. See the HxGN EAM Mobile for Transit Configuring GIS Map View brief for configuration steps.