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In previous releases of the HxGN EAM Mobile for Transit application, when map records were accessed via the disconnected mode, a separate copy of the basemap was downloaded to the mobile device for each mobile user and basemap combination. Beginning in EAM Mobile for Transit 11.5, once a single user has downloaded a basemap to a mobile device for use in the application, other users who log into the same device can select the previously-downloaded basemap for use with their maps.

Existing basemaps shared from other users can be accessed by clicking the Edit button in the Map Configuration screen, and then clicking the Change Basemap link button.

See Multiple maps for additional details regarding the Map Configuration screen.

When the Change Basemap link button is pressed, the application will display the Device Basemaps screen showing a list of all basemaps currently used on the device for all EAM Mobile for Transit users. The user would then select the new desired basemap and perform a Sync Data operation to begin using the new basemap.