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The Work Order List can be accessed while within the Map View screen through the Work Order List icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. When the Work Order List icon is pressed, a panel containing a listing of Work Orders will appear at the far-right side of the application.

The user will be able to toggle between a listing of their own assigned Work Orders, or to All Work Orders, by pressing either of the Assigned or All button(s). The user will also be able to filter results in either scenario according to any text string entered in the Filter field. When a user specifies filter criteria, the text string will be compared against the following Work Order field(s): WO code, description, job type code, job type description, equipment code, equipment description, assigned to, assigned to description, due date. Work Orders that do not contain the text string in any of the searched field(s) will be hidden from the Work Order List only.

An icon representing Work Order Status will be available for each Work Order in the list. This icon will be color coded per configuration in the EAM base application (for entity EVST).

If a Dispatching Sequence was assigned to a Work Order activity in the list by the Optimized Scheduler integration, then an icon denoting the Dispatch Sequence value will be displayed for the activity.

Dispatching Sequence for Work Order activities can also be seen on the Activities list for the Work Order screen. This field is delivered hidden by default.

The Work Order List can be closed and removed from the Map View if the user presses the Work Order List icon while the List