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When the user touches a feature on the map, the application displays a feature details callout window with either one or two panels, "EAM Equipment Attributes" and/or "GIS Feature Attributes". Both panels will be displayed side-by-side if the GIS feature layer has been integrated into the EAM system; however, if the layer has not been integrated, only the GIS Feature Attributes panel will display.

As it is used above, ‘Integration’ refers to the linking of HxGN EAM equipment data to corresponding features in a GIS system. In short, HxGN EAM uses a unique GIS object identification number (GISOBJID) to make a connection between an EAM equipment record and a specific feature in a GIS data layer. For additional information regarding integration, refer to the HxGN EAM GIS functional brief available through the Infor Support Portal.

If a user selects feature(s) on the Map View that intersect other feature(s) (i.e. a linear track segment overlapping a building), the application will provide a tabular list from which the user can specify which feature and layer to display attributes for. The application will then open the EAM Equipment Attributes panel and/or the GIS Feature Attributes panel accordingly.

The following actions are available in each panel:

EAM Equipment Attributes Panel

View Equipment

Add Work Order

View/Add Nonconformity

Search Around

Isolate Main

GIS Feature Attributes Panel


Edit Geometry