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EcoSys Standard Version

In the Tasks screen, you can add, update, or delete contract-related tasks.

To view the contract related tasks,

  • Navigate to Admin > Contracts Admin > Tasks.

    SHARED Tip You can customize the view of the Contracts, Contract Lines, Changes, RFIs, Transmittal, Submittal, Safety Item, Payment Certs, Meetings, Lesson Learned, and Punch List spreadsheet from the view settings.

  • To view the contracts, click the Contracts tab.

  • To view the contract lines, click the Contract Lines tab.

  • To view the contract changes, click the Changes tab.

  • To view the RFIs, click the RFIs tab.

  • To view the transmittals, click the Transmittal tab.

  • To view the submittal, click the Submittal tab.

  • To view the safety items, click the Safety Item tab.

  • To view the payment certs, click the Payment Certs tab.

  • To view the meetings, click the Meetings tab.

  • To view the lessons learned, click the Lesson Learned tab.

  • To view the punch lists, click the Punch List tab.