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The Forecast Admin tab supports the definition of the Project Default forecast method. This forecast method is one of several a user may choose to assign to a project structure element in the Forecasting module.

The Project Default forecast method requires the definition of both the % Complete Threshold as well as a Method Type. When this forecast method is selected for a project structure, the rules defined in the Forecast Admin tab will be utilized to determine the target Estimate At Complete (EAC) for the project structure.

Available method types are limited to those which do not require manual intervention by the user; therefore, options Manual EAC, Manual ETC, Manual Factor, and Project Default are not available for selection.

In the forecasting screens (Forecasts > Forecast), when the Refresh Time-Phased Forecast action is submitted by a user, the percent complete (generated by the Generate Earned Value action) will be compared to the Thresholds defined in the Forecast Admin tab when the project structure forecast method is set to Project Default. If the percent complete is at or above a threshold level defined in the Forecast Admin tab but is less than the next threshold level, the system uses the Method Type specified for that threshold level to drive the project structure forecast.

% Complete Threshold L1 must be set to zero to ensure all progress results in a forecast. If this threshold is not set to 0, then there will be no ETC calculated for the project structure, resulting in an automatic variance from the budget.