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This procedure allows you update Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) names and instructions. KPIs defined here are used in calculating Project KPIs in the Performance Measurement screen. KPIs are grouped into categories. These groups, or summary KPIs, are used in the Status Management screens to define project and portfolio health.

The update of addition of new KPIs requires EcoSys configuration.

Follow the procedure below to update key performance indicators.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Portfolios Admin > Enterprise Defaults.

  2. Click the Key Performance Indicators tab.

  3. Type a unique KPI ID.

  4. Type a unique KPI Name.

  5. Click the Parent ellipsis and select the required summary KPI.

  6. Type the Project KPI Setup Instructions to define the KPI.

    These instructions are viewable in Portfolio KPI Setup to provide guidance in the definitions of values that will be used to calculate the Red, Amber or Green status of a Project KPI.

  7. Click SAVE.