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Stage Gate details should only be updated if existing stage gate content should be updated. It should never be used to add new stage gates. For example, it may be used when a renaming a stage gate.


  • If updates are performed incorrectly, project in the stage gate process may be corrupted.

  • Stage gates can only be deleted safely before the first project is assigned to the stage gate.

Stage Gate Admin allows a configurator to understand category values associated with the two categories that drive the Stage Gate process: Stage Gate Deliverables, which is a transaction category, and Stage Gate Process, which is a cost object category. The Stage Gate Process category includes additional category values to define the Opportunity stage (Stage 00) and splits each stage gate into In Development and In Review rows. This screen can also be used to update category values and custom fields. However, this must be performed carefully, as updates performed at the wrong time (For example, when projects have been assigned to the stage gate process) or incorrectly, the stage gate process can become corrupt.

Use Create Stage Gate action to create a new stage gate and use Set Project Activation Gate to set a project activation stage gate.