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Administration & Configuration
EcoSys Standard Version

When you log on to EcoSys, the dashboard displays. Depending on your client configuration, your EcoSys dashboard might have a different configuration. The example below shows the EcoSys home screen.

Main Toolbar

The main toolbar displays in the top-right corner of the workspace.


Returns you to the Home page.

Visual Workflow Notifications

Notification system provides a visual indicator of any workflows waiting on the user.

User Settings

Displays options for changing your password and customizing your workspace and display.

System Information

Displays the EcoSys version and configuration.


Ends the session and signs you out of EcoSys.

The software automatically logs off if the session times out. The system administrator configures the session time-out length during EcoSys setup.

Menu Bar

The menu bar displays below the Main Toolbar (on page) at the top of the workspace. The available menus depend on the commands and processes you need to complete your specific task.

Current Menu Path

The current menu path displays below the Menu Bar (on page). This property displays the navigation path to the current command, and updates automatically as you work through a module. In the example below, Budgets > Original Budget is selected.