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This procedure allows you to add a new opportunity template in the Opportunity Register panel.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Portfolios Admin > Opportunity Template Setup.

  2. In the Opportunity Register panel, click the Insert Row button icon to add a new row.

  3. Type the Template ID.

  4. Type the Template Name.

  5. Click the Template Type ellipsis to select the required template type.

    By default, the Template Type is Opportunity Template.

  6. (Optional) Click the Cost Object Status drop-down to select the required cost object status.

    By default, the Cost Object Status is Open.

  7. Select the Time-Phase check box to enable time-phasing.

  8. Click the ellipsis icon to select the required values for the following fields:

    1. Client: Select a client.

    2. Location: Select a location.

    3. Portfolio: Select a portfolio.

    4. Project Manager: Select a project manager.

    5. Responsible Org: Select the responsible organization.

    6. Project Currency: Select the currency.

    7. Project Hours Rate Table: Select the required hours rate table.

    8. Project Quantity Rate Table: Select the required quantity rate table.

      SHARED Tip You can add these fields to the Opportunity Register panel from the View Settings.

  9. Click the Save icon.

    Click the Delete Row (s) to delete the selected row.