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This procedure allows you to establish the business rules for calculating a project’s prioritization score. This includes the prioritization factor, the weight of that prioritization factor in calculating the total project prioritization score, and the potential selection values and weights.

To update the prioritization factors, perform the following steps:

  1. View the Prioritization Factor and Potential Selections

  2. Establish the Weights for Prioritization Factors

  3. Establish the Potential Selections

    The addition of new prioritization factor requires EcoSys configuration.

    The formula used to calculate the project prioritization score is:

    (Growth value selected*Growth Weight%) +

    (Cost Efficiency value selected*Cost Efficiency Weight%) +

    (Innovation value selected*Innovation Weight%) +

    (Risk Level value selected*Risk Level Weight%) +

    (Resource Impact value selected*Resource Impact Weight%) +

    (Cost/Benefit value selected*Cost /Benefit Weight%)