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This procedure allows you to define a change ID format for the selected opportunity template. This includes prefixes, suffixes, and the ability to increment by any provided number. It is critical that the Digits (number of digits including leading zeros) as well as the Increment is established. If either of these numbers are missing, the ID will not generate as expected. The hierarchy path delimiter (typically a period, or ".") must not be used in either the prefix or suffix.

  1. In the Template Details panel, click the Change Admin tab.

    By default, the last selected template appears in the Template ellipsis. To change the template, click the Template ellipsis and select the required template.

  2. (Optional) Type in a required Prefix.

    The prefix is added to the beginning of the change ID.

  3. (Optional) Type a digit in Next ID Base.

    The numbering of the change ID starts from this digit.

  4. Type a digit in Digits (Max 20).

    This is the length of the change ID.

  5. (Optional) Type in a required Suffix.

    The change ID ends with the suffix entered.

  6. Type a digit in Increment.

    The change ID increments by this digit.

  7. Click SAVE, the change ID appears in Change ID Example (Max 40).