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Administration & Configuration
EcoSys Standard Version

The EcoSys Solution consists of a three-tier application architecture:

  1. The front-end or Internet browser (HTML only, no plugins or applets required)

  2. Middle-tier Java application server

  3. Back-end relational database (Oracle or SQL Server)

EcoSys end users access the system (Microsoft Windows 7 OS and EcoSys version 7.2 and higher) using Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or 11 (JavaScript-enabled) or Google Chrome.

EcoSys Application URL and Login

The organization-specific EcoSys system URL is entered into the Internet browser URL area. Then the login page appears.

The EcoSys System Login page presents the following screen where, an assigned Login Name and Password must be entered to access the application. The EcoSys Portfolio System Admin must be set up the end user to successfully access the system.