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The Workflow Admin tab is used to manage opportunity workflow notifications and approvals. Using this functionality, the resources will opportunity workflow notifications once established. These resources may be designated as budget and/or project change approvers as well. Workflow users may be internal to the organization, or external (not an EcoSys user). External resources may receive workflow notifications but must not be designated as approvers. Approvers must first be set up by an EcoSys Administrator within EcoSys as an EcoSys user (Admin > Core Admin > Maintain Users) and an EcoSys workflow resource (Admin > Core Admin > Maintain Resources).

All approval workflows at all levels execute in parallel, allowing approval by any applicable party at any time following submission.

Default approvers may be set using a template.

Follow the procedure below to establish workflow users for each project template.

  1. In the Template Details panel, click the Workflow Admin tab.

  2. Click the Insert Row icon to add a new workflow admin.

  3. Click the User ID ellipsis to select the required admin.

    By default, the External Resource - EXT appears in User ID. To change the workflow admin, click the User ID ellipsis icon and select the required user-id.

  4. (Optional) Type the Description or External Name.

  5. Type the email id of the workflow admin in External Email.

    It is mandatory to enter the External Email only if the workflow admin is an External Resource.

  6. Click the Distribution List ellipsis to select the distribution list.

  7. Click the Approver ellipsis to select the approver level.

  8. Click the Save button.

    Click the Delete Row(s) icon to delete a selected row.