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Actual Labor Hours Against Estimated

Prints a list displaying how much time was spent, per trade, on work during a specified period versus the original estimate

Batch Work Order Generation Summary

Displays summary information of the work order generated from the Generate/Release WOs form. This report can only be printed from the Generate/Release WOs form

Booked Labor by Activity

Display a graph that calculates the number of booked hours by activity per trade

Call Center Work Orders

Displays a work order with fields commonly used by off-site call center contractors who do not have access to the system

Cost Summary by Transaction Date

Prints a summary of costs by transaction date. The report includes summary counts, hours, and costs for all pieces of equipment which appear on Preventive Maintenance and Job type work orders

Customer Invoice Details

Includes details on customer invoices such as charge categories, subcategories, charge levels, and adjustments

Customer Request chart

Displays a graph that calculates the number of customer requests by various groupings

Daily Hours Worked Per Employee

Displays what type of work (normal, overtime, and holiday) a specific employee performed over a given period and the number of hours

Daily Trade Schedule

Displays a daily trade schedule for a specific date or range of dates

Delinquent Preventive Maintenance Summary

Displays a list of employees that are assigned to past due Preventive Maintenance work orders. Also displays the total count of past due PM work orders and total past due work hours

Equipment Profile

Print details for a piece of equipment, or a list of work orders, or PM schedules associated to the equipment

Expired Warranties

Displays a list of claims filed against an equipment warranty

Future Maintenance Cost

Displays estimated present and future maintenance costs for equipment for a selected period. Report is divided into four sections: Current Work Orders, Deferred Activities, Current Preventive Maintenance and Forecasted Preventive Maintenance

Hours Needed for Task

Prints a listing of work order tasks along with their estimated hours

Knowledge Base Articles

Prints knowledge base articles for call center employees

Labor Required Per Day or Trade

Displays a list of labor required for a particular day

List of All PM Schedules

Prints a list of periodic preventive maintenance schedules

List of Permit Issues

Displays which permits were issued for what events

List of Work Orders

Displays a list of work orders where Status is Released

List of Work Orders Bypassed due to Nesting

Prints a list of PM work orders that were not performed because they were superseded by another PM work order

Long Term Work Order List

Displays a list of work orders due over a longer period—six months, for example

Material Requirements Analysis

Prints a list of stock materials needed to complete a specific work order

Meter Based Preventive Maintenance Due Report

Displays a list of meter-based PMs due by a certain date

Monthly Scheduling Details

Displays a row calendar showing monthly scheduling details such as scheduled employee labor, planned parts, scheduled tools, and daily employee exceptions

Part Failures

Displays the percentage of parts that failed versus parts that were issued. Data for this report comes from failures listed on the Part Failures page and the Parts page of the Work Orders form

Penalty Deduction Detail

Displays penalty deduction details for work orders

Penalty Deduction Summary

Displays a penalty deduction summary for equipment

Permits for Work Orders

Displays copies of work permits for an event

Preventive Maintenance Compliance

Includes compliance details for Preventive Maintenance work orders

Preventive Maintenance Forecasting

Displays a printed representation of a Preventive Maintenance forecasting session like what is displayed on the actual Preventive Maintenance Forecasting form

Preventive Maintenance Schedule Profile

Displays a list of Preventive Maintenance schedule details and activity information along with optional task instructions and route information

Print Customer Contract

Prints a contract for a specific customer

Print Permit to Work

Report displays a list of all permits to work with Status of Approved or Active. Includes all comments for safety records and lock-out and tag-out records, user defined data, lock-out and tag-out tags, and hazard rating system information

Print Short Work Order Cards

Displays an abbreviated version of the Print Work Order report, including work order cost

Print Work Order

Includes work order details, task listing, diagnostics, repair details, and related equipment information

Proof of Delivery

Displays proof that a work order was delivered or performed

Qualification Expiration Report

Displays a list of qualification expirations and expiration dates for an employee based on the date range entered. You can also select a report for a single employee or a group of employees

Qualification Requirement Report

Displays a list of qualifications that are required for an employee to perform a trade or task for which they are not currently qualified. You can also select the report for a single trade or task, or for a group of trades or tasks

Resource Load graph

Displays a graph report listing resource data (required vs. available) for the selected Preventive Maintenance work orders

Safety Review Required report

Displays a list of all safety, permits to work, and lock-out and tag-out records where Safety Review Required is selected for Preventive Maintenance schedules, equipment, parts, and standard work orders

Schedule Activities

Lists information for a scheduled activity

Scheduled Attainment Report

Prints a summary of scheduled activities

Scheduled versus Actual Detail

Lists details of scheduled activities

Shift Employee

Displays a list of employees on a shift grouped by department

Short Customer Invoice

Includes short details on customer invoices

Short Term Work Order List (Activities)

Prints a list of work orders due within the near future, displaying their activities, starting and ending dates, and estimated labor hours

Short Term Work Order List (WOs)

Displays a list of work orders due within a short period of time—a week, for example

Tool Usage

Displays a list of work orders per tool

Work by Employee

Displays a list of all work orders were booked labor for an employee has been applied

Work Order Aging

Provides counts of work orders, per work order type, which are 1-10, 11-30, 31-60, 61-90, or over 90 days overdue

Work Order Backlog

Displays a list of backlogged work orders

Work Order Cost List

Prints the cost details of a work order

Work Order Cost Summary graph

Includes itemized and total cost information (labor, materials, services, and tool costs) by equipment for open and closed work orders

Work Order On-time Delivery by Employee

Displays a summary or detailed report of on-time work order (released and completed) statistics by employee

Work Order On-time Delivery by Trade

Displays a summary or detailed report of on-time work order (released and completed) statistics by trade

Work Order Statistics

Displays statistical backlog information including the number of work orders: backlogged according to Date From; scheduled to begin within the date range; backlogged at Start Date but completed within the date range; and scheduled to begin within the date range and completed within the date range