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The fleet module includes Vehicle Maintenance Reporting System (VMRS) codes and additional custom fields that are tailored to fleet management. Focusing on the transportation industry’s greatest opportunities for productivity and cost-per-mile savings, the fleet module enables transportation companies to process warranty claims, manage tires and fuel, and efficiently improve vehicle performance through preventive maintenance. HxGN EAM fully supports the American Trucking Association’s Vehicle Maintenance Reporting System (VMRS). With optional VMRS, all Code Key values are included in the HxGN EAM database. These values can be easily associated with work orders, preventive maintenance schedules, vehicle records, and repair records. Fluid (fuel and lubricants) management allows you to define different type of fluids and fluid details, issue and receive fluid, define and perform physical inventories of storage tanks.

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Support for System, Assembly and Component Level VMRS codes. All VMRS codes are pre-loaded for you and are maintained from release to release, but additional codes, if required, can be added.

Fuel Management

Fuel Management consists of several functions that together help you keep track of your fuel inventory and consumption:

Depot – Define the fuel depots you have that are used to refuel your equipment. Depots include the definition of tanks and pumps.

Fuel – Define the different types of fuel you use in your equipment. Regular gas, diesel, etc. Fuel Receipts – Receipts of a fuel in a depot will add to the fuel quantity on hand in that depot

Fuel Physical Inventory – Similar to a cycle count this verifies if the administration and the reality are in sync and let you correct any discrepancies.

Fuel Issues – Issue fuel from a depot to equipment. This also includes optional entry of the odometer reading.