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Infor’s e-commerce solution, iProcure®, enables you to search for and order indirect supplies electronically from within HxGN EAM. iProcure® uses the Internet Explorer® browser to display catalog information in HxGN EAM.

iProcure® consists of a series of components that communicate through an XML-based messaging interface.

The client component is the HxGN EAM software product. Within HxGN EAM, you can search a remote catalog of indirect supplies for a select group of suppliers and send electronic orders to these suppliers. Other features include automatic import of items into purchasing, client-specific pricing (if desired), and the ability to track your electronic orders. All client communications travel through iProcure’s central server (broker), which processes the requests and returns the appropriate information.

The broker component acts as a communication center. The broker receives and, for quality assurance purposes, logs all client requests and orders, processes the requests, and then directs the requests to appropriate supplier catalogs. Finally, after receiving information from the supplier, the broker transmits the information back to the client.

Suppliers provide access to their catalogs and to the electronic ordering system. The interface allows arbitrary searches for items and returns item information such as descriptions, supplier part number, prices, and lead times.

The following diagram illustrates the flow of communication between iProcure® and HxGN EAM: