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Report Name


Average Monthly Usage Analysis

Prints a report showing average monthly usage

Consignment Activity

Prints a list of consignment activity

Goods Received Note

Displays a goods received note

Goods Return Note

Displays for each supplier, the supplier address and the list of goods returned. Displays all the approved return transactions grouped by the supplier and sorted by the order number

Inventory Standard

Displays a list of inventory items

Kit Templates List

Includes details on kit parts templates

List of Expired Kits

Displays a list of expired kits determined by the specified lot expiration date

List of Outstanding Requisitions Items

Includes outstanding line items for requisitions where Status is not Cancelled

List of Stock

Displays stock quantity, reorder level, reserved quantity, and quantity on order grouped by store and sorted by store, part, and part organization

Monthly Usage Trend Report

Prints a report showing monthly usage trends

Parts Currently Reserved/Allocated

Prints a list of parts currently reserved or allocated

Parts Stock-outs

Print a list of stock-outs for parts

Physical Inventory Discrepancy

Displays stock-take, lines, parts, and quantities grouped by store, part, and part organization

Print Build Kit List

Includes details on kit parts and kits built

Print Kit Restock List

Includes details on the parts held for restocking once a kit is broken up and parts are returned to stock

Print Physical Inventory List

Displays a list of parts with stock-take quantities

Print Pick Ticket

Displays a list of parts required to perform work on work orders or equipment. The system only prints approved pick tickets.

Print Purchase History per Item and Supplier

Displays all parts and work orders associated with a given supplier

Print Purchase Requisition

Select the originator, requisition type, requisition number, status and/or buyer to print a specific requisition. Otherwise, the report includes all requisitions. Includes option to convert totals to Euro currency.

Stock Values by Part

Displays part, stock values grouped by store, part sorted by store, part, and part organization

Stock Issues History by Part

Prints a report showing stock issues history┬żby part

Stock Issues History by Part Type

Prints a report showing stock issues history┬żby part type

Stock Transactions

Lists all approved inventory transactions for a specified period

Stock Value Listing by Part Type

Provides an overview listing all parts in a store and all bin locations for that part. The report is grouped primarily by store and secondarily by part. The report has two display modes for listing either stock parts or for repair parts.

Quantities and values are calculated for each location and totaled for each part.