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The calibration management module tracks calibration data for equipment categories, assets, systems, and positions. Define test point data and associate test point sets with work orders and preventative maintenance (PM) work orders. Create PM work orders to generate regularly scheduled jobs for equipment requiring calibration. Create regular calibration work orders as necessary.

HxGN EAM assigns statuses to calibration work orders based on the test point measurement results. A calibration does not pass until all test points on the work order pass.


Requestor allows you to easily increase the number of users submitting work requests and purchase requests without significantly increasing your financial investment. With Requestor, you can authorize employees to enter and approve work requests and enter and view the status of purchase requests over the Web. Requestor effectively extends basic HxGN EAM functionality from room- to-room or site-to-site and lowers the total cost of ownership. Additionally, Requestor includes e-mail notification following a change in work or purchase order status, keeping employees up-to-date and in control of essential work.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Interface

GIS is a Web-based solution that leverages the ESRI GIS server, the leading Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping software. With the intuitive, flexible interface of HxGN EAM combined with seamless GIS integration, organizations can pinpoint assets and access critical information prior to servicing, streamline workflow on widely dispersed equipment, and create a consolidated, easy-to-access view of asset location and history, resulting in increased workforce efficiency and lower costs. Plus, you can manage assets in HxGN EAM directly through the GIS interface.


iProcure drives purchasing efficiencies and best practices through web-based procurement. This helps companies complete the business automation process and address the highly specific needs of purchasing industrial parts and services. By utilizing iProcure for procurement, you can plan work, track parts usage, manage stock levels, and replenish stock via the Internet.

HxGN EAM Mobile

HxGN EAM Mobile is a robust, mobile version of HxGN EAM that functions with or without network connectivity. This enables workers to roam between connected and disconnected environments without having to worry about losing application performance. It also means they can access, capture, and manage information directly from the job site, resulting in higher productivity and more effective decision-making.

HxGN EAM Barcoding

HxGN EAM Barcoding allows you to design and print labels for assets, providing increased mobility and system functionality. Labeling assets streamlines the tracking and relocating of assets, warranty activation and updating, work registration, and other functions. Companies can also assign a barcode to employees to enable them to log their actions quickly, label standard jobs to provide quick access to job activities, or label spare-parts bins for more accurate and efficient storeroom management.

HxGN EAM Advanced Reporting

HxGN EAM includes hundreds of pre-defined reports, but many organizations require the ability to build customer reports. HxGN EAM Advanced Reporting provides that ability. It is a completely Web-based enterprise reporting solution that helps you maximize the data gathered by HxGN EAM.


The fleet module includes Vehicle Maintenance Reporting System (VMRS) codes and additional custom fields that are tailored to fleet management. Focusing on the transportation industry’s greatest opportunities for productivity and cost-per-mile savings, the fleet module enables transportation companies to process warranty claims, manage tires and fuel, and improve vehicle performance through preventive maintenance efficiently. HxGN EAM fully supports the American Trucking Association’s Vehicle Maintenance Reporting System (VMRS). With optional VMRS, all Code Key values are included in the HxGN EAM database.

These values can be easily associated with work orders, preventive maintenance schedules, vehicle records, and repair records. Fluid (fuel and lubricants) management allows you to define different type of fluids and fluid details, issue and receive fluid, define, and perform physical inventories of storage tanks.

Energy Performance

HxGN EAM allows you to baseline, monitor, and compare the energy performance of your assets, calculating the energy intensity consumed by your assets. Support for green building standards like Energy Star, ASHRAE 90.1 and LEED. Full compliance with the Energy Performance standard ISO 14001. Monitor energy performance on all forms of energy: WAGES (water, air, gas, electricity, and steam). Calculate CO2 emissions in accordance with the WRI GHG and ASHRE. Establish and monitor your corporate energy strategy, goals, and objectives in accordance with ISO 15001.

Electronic Records and Signatures

HxGN EAM allows you to create electronic records, or "snapshots," of events that occur in the database as well as require a signature for the event. A snapshot preserves the entire record, including all related information from other database tables, to provide historical information related to the progress of your operation. HxGN EAM also provides the ability to print and export snapshots to external formats such as Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (.PDF).

Through PM version control and audit capability, you can track insertions, updates, or deletions of every attribute for every HxGN EAM table as well as all comments per entity. You can view all audited records and then purge audited information when that information is no longer needed. You can also print a list of audited records as well as a list of records that have been changed through the back end.

Reliability, Planning and Analysis

With Reliability, Planning and Analysis (RPA) you can create reliability rankings. Each reliability ranking has an associated reliability decision tree. The lowest level in the tree is the so-called question level. Each question can be associated with a set of user defined answers. Answers are associated to a numerical value, used as input on user defined formulas that are associated to different levels of the reliability decision tree. Formulas yield a numerical value which rolls up into formulas on a higher level in the reliability decision tree. These results determine the reliability ranking score. Ranges of reliability ranking scores can be associated to a reliability ranking index.

Alert Management

Alert Management is a function within HxGN EAM that can search the database for specific data and then send email or create work orders based on the analysis of that data. Alerts run at a predefined frequency, so they are ideal for anything that does not need immediate action.

HxGN EAM Optimized Scheduler

Optimized Scheduler is a constraint-based scheduling tool allocating field work activities for dispatch. The Optimized Scheduler determines the best schedule solution based on resource and activity constraints such as qualifications, priority, and travel distance. This scheduling capability helps back office management meet the challenges of dispatch planning, while ensuring field work spends more time on priority activities rather than driving between locations. When a schedule request is initiated, the Optimized Scheduler uses data to match the best resources to activities and arranges the assignments in sequential order that is most effective, given the day’s constraints.

To determine assignments, the scheduler matches resources to activities based on required qualifications and number of people. The system optimizes and arranges the resource-activity matches is based on activity priority, travel distance, and shift availability.

The Scheduler looks at various combinations of these assignments and arrangements to determine the best schedule solution.

The best schedule is returned to the requestor, providing a sequentially ordered list of activity assignments for each resource.


OpenCAD is a fully integrated module with HxGN EAM that uses the most popular CAD standards without requiring the installation of applications, allows you to read graphically, analyze, interact with, and navigate the drawings and plans, creating a GUI for asset and part management activities and spaces, while remaining within the EAM application OpenCAD can provide reliable and clear data on occupation and availability of spaces in order to accurately calculate costs, including costs related to assets located inside the spaces.


OpenCAD BIM is an extension of HxGN EAM OpenCAD. It embraces Building Information Modeling (BIM) and supports IFC, the leading interoperability standard. OpenCAD BIM provides users with a 3D visualization of the asset infrastructure within HxGN EAM. The product’s two-way integration enables EAM to consume BIM data and BIM to consume EAM data, with the ability to associate and create corresponding EAM entities.

This immersive 3D interface captures the structure of the asset bringing focus to the elements, as well as the physical and functional relationships between them. This interface makes the elements inside the facility, such as wires and electrical panels, visible and accessible; allowing for more effective decision-making for inspection and risk planning purposes.